Shoe The Bear

SHOE THE BEAR is a Scandinavian footwear brand founded in 2007.

We are committed to design with a Scandinavian approach, characterized by clean lines, neutral colour palettes, and solid materials. Designed with contemporary flair and enduring quality, every collection is crafted with care. The Nordic concept of modernity inspires our signature aesthetic, which fuses classic and comfortable shapes with modern details.

Developing a collection that is designed to last a long time is at the heart of our business. In order to achieve this goal, we spend a significant amount of time developing each collection. At the heart of our brand is the belief that good designs are long-lasting, so we want every pieces to have longevity and to be transseasonal. This is why we have partnered with expert shoemakers in Portugal who have a deep knowledge and expertise with footwear. As a member of the Leather Working Group, we are committed to making responsible design choices as well as being committed to making a positive impact on the environment.